Author: Jesse Belanger

Mapleton Road Closure – Hughes Road

04/15/2014 06:00 PM AKEMA just received a report that the Hughes Road in Mapleton is now closed due to water runoff across the road. We continue to stress for all motorists to use extreme caution and never to cross and body of water on the roadway.

Ice Out 2014 Update

*****PRESS RELEASE***** 04/15/2014 04:00 PM Ice Out 2014 Update Aroostook EMA (AKEMA) is receiving reports of multiple road closures across the County. The majority of the issues are coming from melting snowpack running off into the roads and causing things as small as water in the road to complete washouts of pavement and culverts. Aroostook EMA is also sending and receiving information with Canadian Emergency Measures (EMO) so that both countries can be better informed on river flows. AKEMA has...

2014 Maine Partners In Emergency Preparedness Conference

The 2014 Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference is just around the corner! The Emergency Preparedness Conference is an annual event, hosted by Maine Emergency Management Agency.  The event focuses on providing a forum for safety and emergency preparedness for everyone from business and industry, to public safety, to education and the general public.  The event grows every year, and we strongly encourage anyone with an interest to make an effort to attend! The agenda is available. Registration is still open...

Vigilant Guard EOC

Maine Vigilant Guard Exercise

Maine Vigilant Guard Exercise 2013 to Kick off Tuesday, November 5 10/31/2013 12:00 AM EDT AUGUSTA, ME Starting Tuesday, November 5 and continuing through Friday November 8, National Guard Soldiers and Airmen, local and state first responders, local, county and state emergency managers, voluntary agencies and multi-national participants and observers will be conducting a large-scale training exercise at venues all across the State of Maine. The exercise, called “Vigilant Guard,” will begin with a simulated ice storm, followed by simulated...