Ice Out 2014 Update

04/15/2014 04:00 PM

Ice Out 2014 Update

Aroostook EMA (AKEMA) is receiving reports of multiple road closures across the County. The majority of the issues are coming from melting snowpack running off into the roads and causing things as small as water in the road to complete washouts of pavement and culverts.

Aroostook EMA is also sending and receiving information with Canadian Emergency Measures (EMO) so that both countries can be better informed on river flows.

AKEMA has reports of 3 separate ice jams along the St. John River that are currently not causing any problems, but we are keeping an eye on them.

AKEMA also has reports of 3 separate ice jams along the Aroostook River, most of which are not causing too much trouble yet either.

As we move through the next few days we expect to see more of this, and urge the public to drive with caution on all roadways.

We also caution people to stay away from the ice and rivers as conditions can change rapidly.

Current road closures we have information on are:
Fort Fairfield
o Dorsey Road
o Forrest Avenue
o Strickland Road
o Currier Road

o Pulcifer Road @ TeaKettle Brook
o State Road (partially closed by passable).

For updated information and photos you can go to the Aroostook County Emergency Management Facebook Page.

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