Press Release: 2016 Madawaska Multiple Incident Full Scale Exercise

08/18/2016 PRESS RELEASE

Aroostook County EMA Partners with Madawaska in Multi-Incident Exercise Series

Aroostook EMA (AKEMA), in conjunction with the Town of Madawaska, will be conducting a large, Full Scale public safety exercise in Madawaska, Maine. On August 20th, 2016, numerous agencies will come together to participate in the 2016 Madawaska Multiple Incident Full Scale Exercise.

The public can expect to see an influx of public safety traffic in and around Madawaska on the morning of August 20th. We kindly ask the public to keep from the exercise locations for their safety and to ensure the first responders are able to complete the exercise objectives. The locations involved in this weekend’s exercise include the Madawaska Public Safety Complex, the Madawaska Middle/High School, and the Evergreen Trading facility in St. David, Maine.

The objectives of this exercise include evaluating municipal emergency response, school planning, regional public safety coordination, law enforcement active shooter response, and hazardous materials response.

The exercise series has been conducted in several parts including two Tabletop discussion-based exercises prior to August’s large Full Scale exercise. In coordination with these early exercises, two Active Shooter training sessions were provided to Law Enforcement agencies throughout Aroostook County. Additionally, participating agencies are coordinating a Recovery focused exercise for some time in September.

“This scenario is much larger in scale than exercises we’ve conducted in previous years. Many moving pieces from multiple public safety agencies will be involved on the day of the full scale exercise,” said Deputy Director Jesse Belanger of Aroostook County EMA. “Testing our Incident Command systems and working together on a regional level will be center stage during these exercises.”

Participating organizations include but are not limited to: • Ambulance New Brunswick
• Ambulance Service, Inc
• American Red Cross

• Aroostook County Emergency Management
• Aroostook County Incident Management Assistance Team • Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department
• Aroostook County Decon Strike Team 1
• Aroostook County Decon Strike Team 2
• Aroostook County HazMat Regional Response Team
• Town of Madawaska
• Madawaska Ambulance Department
• Madawaska Fire Department
• Madawaska Police Department
• Madawaska School Department
• Maine Department of Environmental Protection
• Maine Department of Health and Human Services
• Maine State Police Troop F
• Maine Region 5 EMS
• Northern Maine Medical Center
• United States Border Patrol
• United States Customs and Border Protection

Aroostook County coordinates a number of exercises every year, with at least one large full-scale exercise annually. These exercises provide opportunity for organizations to practice their readiness and ability to cooperate with other agencies in a real life scenario, and provide a basis to make necessary improvements.

For more information on these public safety exercises or other current public safety information, you can go to the Aroostook County Emergency Management Website at, or like our Facebook page.

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