Aroostook ARES/RACES

In 2015 the Aroostook County EMA began a working relationship with a communications team that functions as an ARES/RACES team.

This is a team of volunteer radio operators utilizing HAM radio.  They are a very active group, scheduling weekly meetings and monthly focused training often times bringing in guests to assist them in the best practices working with first responders.  All team members are required to meet certain attendance thresholds and must have a baseline of training including National Incident Management System and Community Emergency Response Team certifications.  This team also participates in multiple drills throughout the year to ensure they are prepared in times of disaster

HAM radio is a back-up form of communication for times of disaster and is used widely around the world.  Thesesystems can operate during times that phones, cell phones and normal operating radio systems won’t
work.  This article in Emergency Management Magazine explains “Where to go During a Communications Shutdown”.

They are an important part of our emergency management system.  Let us know if you would like more information, or might like to join this active team!