2015 Presque Isle Airport Full Scale Exercise

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Aroostook County EMA Full-Scale Airport / Hazardous Materials Exercise

Aroostook EMA (AKEMA) has completed a full-scale exercise on August 15th, 2015.  The exercise was held at the Presque Isle Airport.

The primary focus of the exercise was the response to an aircraft incident.  The exercise also incorporated objectives to test Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials Response, and Incident Command operations.

The exercise has been considered a large success by all entities involved.  Jesse Belanger, Deputy Director and Exercise Coordinator with Aroostook County EMA explained, “We had a number of objectives in place to test the capabilities of many agencies, and we were able to meet those objectives.  We were also able to identify a number of areas to continue improving our response capabilities here in Aroostook County.”

There were no injuries or real world incidents related to the exercise.  Aroostook County EMA and the City of Presque Isle would like to thank the area residents for the cooperation.

This exercise helped to train and test the readiness of a large number of departments and teams throughout Aroostook County.  Participating agencies included:

• American Red Cross
• Aroostook County ARES/RACES
• Aroostook County Community Organizations Active in Disaster
• Aroostook County Emergency Management
• Aroostook County Incident Management Assistance Team
• Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department
• Aroostook County Decon Strike Team 1
• Aroostook County Decon Strike Team 2
• Aroostook County HazMat Regional Response Team
• Cary Medical Center
• City of Caribou Fire and Ambulance Department
• City of Presque Isle
• City of Presque Isle Emergency Management
• City of Presque Isle Fire Department
• City of Presque Isle Police Department
• City of Presque Isle Regional Airport
• Crown Ambulance
• Maine Department of Environmental Protection
• Maine Region 5 EMS
• National Weather Service, Caribou
• PenAir
• The Aroostook Medical Center
• US DHS, US Border Patrol
• US DOT, Federal Aviation Administration
• US DOT, Transport Security Administration

Aroostook County coordinates a number of exercises throughout the year, with at least one large full-scale exercise annually. This full-scale training exercise provided departments the opportunity to practice their readiness and skills in a real life scenario, and provided a basis to make necessary improvements.

This full scale exercise was the second in a three part series of exercises involving the same scenario.  A tabletop exercise was completed in June, and a functional Emergency Operations Center exercise focused on emergency incident recovery will be completed on August 18th.

For more information on this exercise or other current public safety information, you can go to the Aroostook County Emergency Management Website at www.aroostookema.com, or like our Facebook page.


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