Personal Security in Troubling Times

We are aware of the heightened level of stress that world events such as what is going on in Ukraine can bring to each of us.  We’ve been asked, “What can we do to prepare?”  While we all know that you can’t prepare for everything, taking small steps in personal preparedness can be empowering and lower stress.  Here are some things that you can do and that you can share with others:

  • Increase your cyber-awareness.  This includes taking steps that would protect you or your business from a cyber attack.  You can get more information here:
  • Power outages are something we should prepare for normally anyway.  That said, would you be prepared if there were a cyber attack that took down the power grid for a period of time?  You can find more information on how to prepare for power outages here:
  • We have all gotten used to the convenience of cell phones in our lives, but what if our daily ways of communicating were not working?  How would you communicate with your family and work if you could not use your cell phone and internet was down?  Having a back up plan on what you would do can take a lot of the stress out of this situation.  Here are some tips for you to use:
  • Building an emergency kit can be empowering by making someone feel ready for an incident.  This simple task should be done by each of us anyway, but can be especially helpful during these times.  Click here for more information on how to build an emergency kit:

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