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2015 Presque Isle Airport Full Scale Exercise

PRESS RELEASE Aroostook County EMA Full-Scale Airport / Hazardous Materials Exercise Aroostook EMA (AKEMA) has completed a full-scale exercise on August 15th, 2015.  The exercise was held at the Presque Isle Airport. The primary focus of the exercise was the response to an aircraft incident.  The exercise also incorporated objectives to test Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials Response, and Incident Command operations. The exercise has been considered a large success by all entities involved.  Jesse Belanger, Deputy Director and Exercise...

2015 Presque Isle Airport Full Scale Exercise

PRESS RELEASE City of Presque Isle and Aroostook County EMA partner on Full-Scale Airport / Hazardous Materials Exercise  Aroostook EMA (AKEMA) will be coordinating a full-scale exercise in the area of the Presque Isle Regional Airport on August 15th, 2015.  The exercise will bring together responders from across Aroostook County. Jesse Belanger, Deputy Director and Exercise Coordinator with Aroostook County EMA explained, “The focus of the exercise is an Airplane crash.  However, the response involves many response tasks, from Law...

Public Comment – Mitigation Planning

As we complete the process required for updating our Aroostook County Hazard Mitigation Plan, we are hosting Public Comment and Review meetings in each of our regions. The draft plan is posted on our website at under the “Plan and Prepare” link for you to review. We are inviting the general public to one of our Public Comment meetings where we will take comments and answer questions on this updated plan.   The Public Meetings will be held at...

If you were told to “Shelter In Place” would you know what to do? The CDC put out some basic information to show you how.  

NWS Caribou/Aroostook EMA River Ice Training Video

With the impending spring melt that we are all excited for, one major issue we monitor closely ever year is the ice out of our many rivers and streams. Last fall, our partners from the National Weather Service in Caribou, Maine put together and presented a River Ice training in three locations in our county. This very good training covers a large number of topics, including the science behind ice formation, how to identify troublesome ice conditions, and some emergency...

Spring Outlook

We continue to monitor the weather and our rivers for changing conditions.  We advise people to be cautious out there as things begin to thaw and water starts to flow into our roadways from fields, and as the rivers rise and ice begins to move. We are meeting regularly with the scientists that predict our ice movement, as was the case yesterday with the River Flow Advisory Commission.  Click here for information from that meeting.

Flood Potential

We have been participating in flood preparedness meetings in Aroostook.  Today, we participated in the third statewide Riverflow Advisory Commission conference call.  The ice conditions in Aroostook are reported mostly unchanged.  We still have a large amount of snow covered solid ice on our rivers that we will have to continue to monitor.

7th Annual Maine Preparedness Conference

The 7th Annual Maine Preparedness Conference now has their draft agenda online, and you can also register for that conference now. You can find more information and register at Maine Emergency Management Agency’s Website.

2015 Mitigation Kick Off Meetings

The 2015 Mitigation Plan Update Kick off meetings are scheduled for Aroostook County.  Communities must participate in the planning process in order to be eligible for mitigation funding that may come available in the future.  Click the link for more information on meeting dates and times.  The public is welcome to attend any of these sessions. 2015 Mitigation Kick Off Flyer