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Weather Spotter Training

If you are interested in becoming a weather spotter for the National Weather Service office, they are having a training coming up in Caribou.  Go to their website to get more information.

Active Thunderstorm Weather Systems

Much of Aroostook County is currently experiencing active weather patterns, and is expected to continue for the next few hours into the evening.  Aroostook EMA will continue monitoring severe weather systems and strongly encourages all citizens to keep a close eye on any alerts from the National Weather Service in Caribou. You can stay up to date with weather alerts by visiting the NOAA Caribou page at Remember: If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm...

911 Texting Not Active Yet in Maine

Today, a number of mobile cell phone carriers turned on the ability to “text 911,” an ongoing initiative to bring text notification to emergency services.  This feature, however, is not currently active in Maine. 911 Call Centers across Maine have upgraded to the NextGen 911 system and do have this capability, but this feature is still being tested prior to being officially implemented. Aroostook EMA would like to advise all citizens to continue making phone calls of emergencies to 911....

Department of Transportation Issues Emergency Order

There is currently no Bakken crude oil on the rails in Aroostook County.  There is some traveling in Southern Maine, and some traveling within just a few miles of our border in Canada.  This link will give you more information on this order.  

Why Flooded Roadways are so Dangerous

During flood season, our office issues numerous alerts warning citizens to never drive across flooded roadways. The video clip shows a roadway in Freeport, Maine that appeared passable, but quickly gave way.  These conditions change rapidly and you can never know for certain how safe the roadway is below. Also, pictured to the right is a similar situation that occurred near Cocagne, New Brunswick just this past week. So, again – please be safe and never cross a flooded roadway!

Ice Progressing from Grand Isle through Hamlin

After receiving reports of the Grand Isle ice jam releasing, Aroostook EMA Director Darren Woods confirmed that any standing ice jams between Grand Isle, Van Buren and Hamlin have opened up and ice is flowing steadily downstream. Aroostook EMA has notified local and Canadian officials who are preparing for the ice flows to reach Grand Falls, Perth-Andover and other areas in the coming hours.

Southern Aroostook Update – 10:00 AM 04/18/2014

Southern Aroostook Update: Island Falls Fire is telling us that they have an ice jam on Old Patten Road, but they don’t expect it to cause any problems. No other issues in their response area. Bancroft along the Mattawamkeag states they have water over the road in 3 different locations. People are still using those roads, and the town official we spoke with tells us they have no complaints or issues they cannot handle and that people are still able...